Next Technology

Next Technology Tecnotessile Società di Ricerca Tecnologica srl (Italy)

Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) is a private non-profit research centre established in Prato (Italy) since 1972 and has a staff of around 30 people including both employees and in-house consultants. NTT ( conforms to the Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2000 in the fields of: (1) design and development of applied research activities in the textile, machinery, automation and materials sectors; (2) provision of services concerning chemical testing activities for textile sector; (3) provision of consulting services for Quality System development; (4) provision of services of training courses for the textile and textile machinery sector.

NTT represents a reference point in Italy for research and technological innovation in the textile sector and isactively involved in research and demonstration projects on textile processing, textile machinery design, process control and textile wastewater treatments realised at regional, national and European level. For instance, NTT has participated in a total of 9 projects concerning the textile and clothing industry realised within the 6th and the 7th Framework Programme.

For what concerns the field of textile finishing, in the last years NTT has experimented many technologies in cooperation with end-users, e.g.: biological processes; irradiative processes; coating processes and electrospinning process for the production of nanostructures. These studies were also realised within regional, national and European projects. For instance, NTT has recently participated in the following regional projects supported by the Tuscany Region, within which it studied different irradiation technologies (i.e. Plasma and UV irradiation):

  • “FR-TEX HITEX Project – dealing with the production of flameproof textile by using low environmental impact processes (plasma and UV)
  • “W-DPI HITEX Project – dealing with the implementation of plasma technology in the production of Individual Protective Device by multilayer systems for which adhesion is enhanced by plasma pre-treatment.

At national level, NTT has participated in a project concerning the study of innovative processes and technologies for the textile industry “Raw materials, Processes and Technologies to Realise Innovative Textile Products (Art.10)”, funded by the Italian government.

At European level, NTT has participated in the following projects concerning finishing processes and realisation of nano-sized structures: supported by the Framework Programmes:

  • Specific Targeted Research Project “Acceleration of Textile Processes by Ultrasound Technologies; ULTRATEC”, 6th Framework Programme. This project (01/01/2004-31/12/2006) has been coordinated by NTT. Within ULTRATEC, research studies were realised concerning novel ultrasound-based processes, including both finishing processes and textile wastewater treatments.
  • Specific Targeted Research Project “High performance industrial Protein Matrices trought Bioprocessing” 6th Framework Programme. Whitin this project irradiative pre-treatment where investigated to enhance the accessibility of enzyme in protein matrices in order to improve technical properties (i.e. easy care; mechanical properties) of realised products.
  • Specific Targeted Research Project “Accelerate membrane development for urban sewage purification  AMEDEUS”, 6th Framework Programme. Within AMEDEUS, NTT is studying the production of textile-based membranes for Membrane Bio-Reactors.

NTT is also committed to dissemination activities of its projects. For instance, its staff has actively participated in the COST Action 847 on “Textile Quality and Biotechnology” (2000-2005) and it is participating in the COST Actions D32 on “Chemistry in High-Energy Microenvironments” (2003-2009) and 868 on “Biotechnical Functionalisation of Renewable Polymeric Materials” (2006-2010).